Kivig_Gniben – Lithosphere. New album out 27th May 2022!


It´s my utmost pleasure to announce Kivig_gniben´s 3th official release, Lithosphere. Release day is Friday 27th of May! Lithosphere captures the essense of Kivig_Gnibens organic and experimental perfomances. 8 new tracks brings you beneath the first layer of planet earth, showcasing a strange and at times alien world of wonders. All created live on modular synthezisers. Lithosphere was recorded live during the covid pandemic in 2020-2021. The result is a sound world with a huge range in both width and depth, that will be available on all major streaming services…

Anti-Format out now!


ANTI-FORMAT | The Plant x Izumisan Ensemble ( Congratulations to The Plant x Izumisan Ensemble on the releasing thier 2’nd album, Anti-Format, today!Out on streaming world wide and on The Plant x Izumisan Ensemble’s bandcamp page below. On this second release the group have worked more on the dream-like qualities of their sound, and incorporated more sampling in the post-production of the improvised live session.This results in ANTI-FORMAT being more ethereal and liquid sounding than its predecessor, Anthropomorphic. Album info:Recorded at Loppen, Christiania Mixed and produced by Morten Lyd and…

SKAMBIDT in Collaboration with SWANS and Bad Seeds Member

Copenhagen based, SKAMBIDT, has just announced a new and exciting artistic collaboration on the upcoming 3rd release. Lars Kivig, who is currently releasing the 25th anniversary release Tarnish with MY BELOVED, is also active with his dark and electronic project, SKAMBIDT. Since SKAMBIDT´’s debut album, GALSKAB (2019), SKAMBIDT has had tremendous growth with fans and listeners all over the globe. In the last week alone, SKAMBIDT has been played on radio stations for dark electronic music in both Mexico City and Italy. Today, SKAMBIDT has announced that the upcoming 3rd…

Tarnish – 25th Anniversary Release by MY BELOVED


Tarnish, is the title of the 25th anniversary release by MY BELOVED. The new album consists 12 official tracks that will be released on all major streaming services and CD, the 18th of February 2022. A double vinyl release will hit the streets later in 2022. The 12 official tracks + 2 bonus tracks, can be found on MY BELOVED´s bandcamp page, where you can pre-order Tarnish in a much better sound quality than i.e. iTunes, Spotify etc. On bandcamp you are also supporting the band directly. Check it out Tarnish…



Vicious is very excited to collaborate with the danish label, Pink Cotton Candy to release the debute album from Chopper. Artist: ChopperAlbum: THE WONDERFUL AND WICKED WORLD OF CHOPPERTracklist: Intro Misanthrope To Cook to Chew to Swallow Tonight HE.X.X.X Living Alone A Life in Dreams Gina Deathrace Soft Porn Boy Chopper was born in 2019 as a bedroom/one man project, and has been a hidden work in progress ever since. A dirty little secret, feeding on anything from eurodance to glam rock, disco and rave, harsh industrial to 80’s billboard…

SKAMBIDT is working on 3rd official release


It´s with great pleasure to announce that SKAMBIDT has begun the work towards an upcoming 3rd release on Vicious. The two former releases, GALSKAB (2019) and DØDSVISION (2021) has secured the band fans from around the world and fine reviews and despite it´s dark and experimental nature, a lot of airplay on dedicated radiostations and mixclouds. The new 3´rd album will continue and expand the SKAMBIDT universe with guest artists as well.Stay tuned for more news.