Vicious Studio

Vicious studios offers a palette of audio production services such as, mastering, editing and mixing.

Vicious Studio, is a result of 28+ years in the music business.
The owner of Vicious, Lars Kivig has been composing, recording, mixing, producing and mastering both partly and fully on a long list of albums and countless of tracks and contributions. Live performances since 1997 in both Europe and China has provided a priceless sound experience both on and off stage.


HCL Varis – Tube Vari Mu
IGS Rubber Bands Mastering EQ
IGS S-Type Buss Compressor
Stereo pair of CAPI VP28
Stereo pair of Soundskulptor MP573


Primary Plugins:
Tokyo Dawn Labs
Ozone 9

K+H O100
Focal Cub2
Avantone Mixcube
Sennheiser HD650

Standard Mastering Prices per Track.

Our price for mastering is based on the quantity of tracks you submit at the same time. Prices listed below are for Standard Timeline Mastering, which typically means a wait of roughly 5-7 days, depending on how many other mastering projects are ahead of yours in our schedule at the time you place your order.

If you’re a returning client (mastered 5 or more songs with us in the past) you are eligible for an additional discount off any projects with 3 or more tracks being mastered together.

1DKK 200,-
2DKK 350,-
3DKK 500,-
4DKK 650,-
5DKK 800,-
6DKK 900,-
7DKK 1000,-
8DKK 1150,-
9DKK 1250,-
10DKK 1400,-
11+Please Contact for quote

Get a 1 min. master demo for free!

If you are curious to hear how your stem or track will sound like with a Vicious Mastering, you can get 1 min. master demo for free. Send your WAV file via wetransfer or similar service to “info[@]” and title the mail as “Master Demo”.

For any audio inquiries or questions regarding Vicious’ audio services, please submit your needs via the “Contact” page, and I will get back to you within 8 hours. (often much faster).