Naï Kobra Prospect

Project Description:

Naï-Kobra Prospect is an avant-garde musical endeavor formed by Danish sound artist Adrian B. Brendstrup. With a foundation rooted in sonic experimentation and narrative exploration, Adrian creates distinctive blends of soundscapes that challenge conventional boundaries of listening.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of influences, Naï-Kobra Prospect stretches out to such genres as dark ambient, noise, sound art, tape music, and musique concrete, weaving together layers of sound and texture to create immersive sonic experiences. The compositions are characterized by their ability to evoke a range of emotions and provoke introspection, inviting listeners on a journey of auditory discovery.

At the heart of Naï-Kobra Prospect lies a commitment to pushing the boundaries of sonic storytelling. Each composition serves as a canvas for Adrian’s exploration of the interplay between sound and emotion, offering a window into the complexities of human experience.

Latest release description:

Impressions of Post-War Consumerism

The latest release from Naï-Kobra Prospect, the EP “Impressions of Post-War Consumerism,” released on Vicious Records in February 2024, serves as a testament to this conceptual exploration of the narrative and affective qualities of noise. Comprising five distinct movements, each offering a unique perspective, the EP submerges into the ravenous madness and consequences of consumer culture, inviting listeners to contemplate the implications of overconsumption in contemporary society.

Naï-Kobra Prospect’s “Impressions of Post-War Consumerism” is a thought-provoking sonic journey that challenges listeners to confront uncomfortable truths and explore the complexities of the modern world.

For press inquiries, review copies, or interview requests, please contact Adrian B. Brendstrup at: Naï