Naï-Kobra is a Copenhagen based project working with sonic materials to realize the aesthetic ideas on auditive storytelling that are formulated in the Naï-Kobra manifesto. Sound objects are gathered, deconstructed, copulated with affective impressions, and then externalize as sonic atmospheres; as dark, surrealistic soundscapes.

Adrian B. Brendstrup of Naï Kobra Prospect.

Originally formed in 2022 by Adrian B. Brendstrup, Mio-Emil Friberg, and Morten Lindthardt Madsen, Naï-Kobra is an exploration of the capabilities and potential emotional energies stowed within conceptually structured compositions of sonic artefacts. Naï-Kobra sculpts hidden narratives from sonic excess, in order to become a storyteller and exposer of suppressed emotion.

Releasing their debut EP “Impressions of Post-War Consumerism” via Vicious Records on all major streaming services and on very limited cassette tape.


  1. Sacred Nothing
  2. Narcissistic Mother-Obsessed Neurotics
  3. Amalgamations of Excess
  4. The Synthetic Ideal
  5. Mirror Image of the Accursed Share