Vicious Records has organized the first Vicious Label night in many many years.
The 12th of June 2021, Vicious will showcase 6 acts from the Vicious vault.
3 of these acts will be having thier release show this particular magical evening.

Since 2004 Vicious has been active within the experimental scene within rock and electronic subgenres. Vicious is behind several internationally acknowledged releases from e.g. My Beloved, Tomas Ortved, Acorn Falling, Alive With Worms and many more. Together with “House of Noise” organiser Martin Loui, Vicious Records has become the 2´nd day of a two day festival at the venue, Basement located underneth Vega in Copenhagen. The program for the evening will be put in a visually breathtaking context with 2 experienced VJ´s adding with each of thier own techniques and style to an artistic and abstract scenerie at the Basement.

VJ Zeppo:

The program for the evening:
18:00 – Eocæn
18:45 – The Plant x Izumisan Ensemble
19:30 – Avare-x
20:15 – Acorn Falling
21:00 – Never
21:45 – Bug Chaser

Due to Corona restrictions there are a limited amout of seats available.
Buy your ticket here:

Check out the Facebook event here:
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