Naï Kobra Prospect – New Vicious Artist

Naï Kobra Prospect - Debut Album

Vicious are very thrilled to share the news and a teaser video for the upcoming debut release by NaÏ-Kobra Prospect titled, Impressions of Post-War Consumerism. An EP produced by Adrian B. Brendstrup that will be out on all streaming platforms via Vicious on February 9th!!

“…In a sonorous basement backroom – strongly resonating a couple of frequencies below the key of C – a murmured conversation on the concept of secrecy incepted the ideas for what subsequently came to be objectified as the thematic foundations of the NaÏ-Kobran manifesto. A codex of dogmata. A set of principles and philosophies – aesthetic and methodological – weaved into a telling of the forces transgression and sacrifices; of the prospection and the becoming of Naï-Kobra.”

Read more about Näi-Kobra and thier manifesto on thier FB page.

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